The Hideaway

by Aki Schilz

The Hideaway

Tucked away
in the fold of a hill
through a bridal archway
of rowan, oak and beech.

Perhaps you are here
in Summer, awash with
blossom spill, the earth
fulsome and red,

or in Winter when
icicles hang like jewels
from the eaves of the roof,
and frost snaps underfoot

or in the Spring months
with their cool sunshine,
clear as water in a brook

(do you hear it,
running through
the fields beyond?

or birdsong? Here,
leaf through the book
that tells you their names,
the shapes of their tracks:

learn them by the fire,
so you can sing them later).

Or perhaps you arrive in Autumn
when the shells of nuts scatter the path
and leaves fall in spirals through the blue –

catch them with
the rain in your hands.

at night,
for the stars.


Gorfanc Hideaway, Powys, Wales