Two Pieces in The Bohemyth

by Aki Schilz

I’m delighted to have two pieces featured in the July issue of online lit mag The Bohemyth. My flash fiction ‘Cliff Diving’ is about unsent birthday cards and cold January days spent in the shadow of clifftops, and my prose poem ‘This Is The Place’ is a fragmented look at some of my experiences of being plunged into the entirely new environment of Mindo, Ecuador, which for a brief period in 2013 became the centre of my world. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Cliff Diving

The market is an isthmus, and for a small moment I wonder if I ought to wait for the tide. But then the light goes green. I cross, not looking, not breathing, and my heart is the swell of a wave pressing against the lip of a shell; the kind of shell we found that day at the beach by his house, at the spot with the rockpools catching sunlight where he said he saw a man fall from the clifftop. He was looking from his window at the top of the bay, and the man was so small as he fell, insubstantial as a piece of litter, thrown carelessly over the edge. Just the smallest scattering of light. No movement in the shingle. No sound. The ambulance came in twelve minutes. No sirens. People fall all the time, he said. Don’t they jump? I asked. He said…

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