The person one loves at first is not the person one loves at last

by Aki Schilz

“…love is not an end but a process through which one person attempts to know another.”

and I should like to know you

“In his extreme youth Stoner had thought of love as an absolute state of being to which, if one were lucky, one might find access; in his maturity, he had decided it was the heaven of a false religion, toward which one ought to gaze with an amused disbelief, a gently familiar contempt, and an embarrassed nostalgia. Now in his middle age he began to know that it was neither a state of grace nor an illusion; he saw it as a human act of becoming, a condition that was invented and modified moment and moment and day by day, by the will and the intelligence and the heart.”

and I should like to know your will, your intelligence and your heart, in each moment

Text excerpted from Stoner, by John Williams