Not Waving

by Aki Schilz

A while ago, I recorded a short story for the wonderful team at Annexe Magazine. It’s now available for you lovely folks to listen to, alongside a reading of one of my favourite poems, ‘Leonardo’s Machines’, by Tobias Hill. The story is in part inspired by Phil and Vinca, the young lovers of Sidonie Gabrielle Colette’s fantastic short novel, Le Blé en Herbe. 

To listen to my story ‘Not Waving’, please click here.

You can also read a collaborative writing experiment I was part of, XZ#1 – Noir, the first of Annexe’s exciting new online fiction project series ‘XZ’. Here’s how it works:

Welcome to XZ, our new online fiction project. The aim is to get inside stories and see how different writing styles can join forces to create something fresh, but recognisable. To do this, we’re taking particular genres/styles/species of fiction and breaking them down, looking under the hood and building them back up in smaller chunks.

Each story gets six writers and each writer gets one section. They are given a bare framework to work on, everything else is up to them, and  they aren’t told what the other five writers are coming up with.

The first issue has worked out far more splendidly than we could have hoped, with a story rife with suspense and dangerous turns. It’s the classic tale of a hardboiled detective, employed by a mysterious woman to investigate a murder.

To read #1 (Singing the Necessaries), which I was part of, click here.

Don’t forget, for their newer stuff, the folk at Annexe have moved to

Happy reading!